Pauls Plastering - Llanelli Refurbishment 2

Condensation Problems In Bathroom In A Property In Llanelli

11th April 2018 – Pauls Plastering and Damproofing – Resolving Condensation Issues In Downstairs Bathroom
Pauls Plastering and Damproofing were working on a property which had a lot of condensation issues. We are pleased to say that we have successfully resolved all condensation issues that this family experienced. 
There was single brickwork in the downstairs toilet, which was giving severe condensation.
Pauls Plastering and Damproofing insulated the internal walls, re-boarded the bathroom and skimmed to finish. 
It took us three days to complete this job, within a matter of days all the condensation issues were resolved. If you’re experiencing condensation issues, contact Pauls Plastering and Damproofing on 07915 057457.
Pauls Plastering - Llanelli Refurbishment 6
Pauls Plastering – Llanelli Bathroom with Condensation Issues
Pauls Plastering - Llanelli Refurbishment 4
Pauls Plastering – Llanelli – Final Skim
Pauls Plastering - Llanelli Refurbishment 3
Pauls Plastering – Llanelli Bathroom – New Plasterboard
Pauls Plastering - Llanelli Refurbishment 2
Pauls Plastering – New Insulation
Pauls Plastering - Llanelli Refurbishment bathroom
Pauls Plastering – Llanelli Refurbishment bathroom – Completed
Pauls Plastering - Llanelli Refurbishment 1

Property Refurbishment In Llanelli By Pauls Plastering

17th April 2018 Property Refurbishment In Llanelli By Pauls Plastering and Damproofing

Pauls Plastering and Damproofing were recently involved in a refurbishment of a property in Llanelli. The kitchen dining room wall was taken down to make it an open plan kitchen diner. 
We also replaced the bathroom suite. To save the customer money and time, we reboarded all ceilings and skimmed over the old and tired plasterwork with fresh plaster in all 3 bedrooms, hall, landing, stairs and lounge.
We laid a created a self-leveling floor for the customer as the floor was on different levels, making it difficult to lay laminate floors. By the time we finished the customer was able to lay new laminate flooring without it kicking up as the floor was level. 
To finish the living room, the client wanted the fireplace blocked off, we blocked off the existing fireplace and boarded and skimmed.
Flooring was supplied by a local, reliable and reputable firm called G I Carpets and Flooring. Please click here to visit their website. 
Pauls Plastering - Llanelli Refurbishment 1
Pauls Plastering – Llanelli Refurbishment of kitchen
Pauls Plastering - Refurbishment 9
Pauls Plastering – Refurbishment – Kitchen before
Pauls Plastering - Refurbishment 8
Pauls Plastering – Refurbishment – living room before
Pauls Plastering - Refurbishment 7
Pauls Plastering – Refurbishment – bathroom before
Pauls Plastering - Refurbishment 6
Pauls Plastering – Refurbishment – bedroom before
Pauls Plastering - Refurbishment 5
Pauls Plastering – Refurbishment  – bathroom after
Pauls Plastering - Refurbishment 4
Pauls Plastering – Refurbishment – bedroom after
Pauls Plastering - Refurbishment 3
Pauls Plastering – Refurbishment – kitchen after
Pauls Plastering - Refurbishment 2
Pauls Plastering – Refurbishment – floor leveling process
Pauls Plastering - Refurbishment 1
Pauls Plastering – Refurbishment – floor leveling 
Pauls plastering Mumbles Plastering Artex 6

Old Artex New Plastering in Mumbles

The team at Paul’s Plastering Llanelli were called down to Mumbles in Swansea to work with a new client in a semi-detached house.
The job involved fresh new plaster on the walls and ceiling throughout the hall, the stairs and the landing area with old artex removed and replaced with fresh plaster.
The job involved the team to take the following steps to complete the job:
  1. Scrape back old Artex
  2. ‘Blue Grit’ the walls to act as a bonding agent for the new layer of plaster
  3. Skim over with fresh plaster

The completion time of this job was only 5 days with the team taking extra care for the cleanliness of our work. The properties carpets was covered and the floor was protected at all times, we left the premises with no mess making sure we cleaned and tidied up after ourselves so that there was no need to clean the carpets.

The client was more than happy with the work produced by Paul and Scott, and left a very generous and kind review after the completion of the job. It was a pleasure to supply our service to a friendly client, it makes our work much more enjoyable and worthwhile. 

Client review:
“These pictures are of my hall stairs and landing. What a brilliant job Paul and Scott have done. Not only is the standard of their work brilliant but you couldn’t ask for two nicer people working in your home. 100% recommend these guys – Thank you Paul and Scott” – Petula Mackerras
If you wish to have some old Artex in your property removed and freshened with some plaster, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:
Mob: 07915 057457 / Tel: 01554 223344 / Email:

Pauls plastering Mumbles Plastering Artex 1

Pauls plastering Mumbles Plastering Artex 2

Pauls plastering Mumbles Plastering Artex 3

Pauls plastering Mumbles Plastering Artex 4

Pauls plastering Mumbles Plastering Artex 5

Pauls plastering Mumbles Plastering Artex 6