Working Farm Re-rendered

Working Farm Re-rendered!

Also included crack fixing with hexi bars!

Renovation – Knocking 2 rooms into 1

Latest job knock thro, steel in tiles lifted floor tanked and then self level to protect the tanking.

Concrete Floor Laid with Video

New extension concrete floor layed. Walls insulated and skimmed. Looking to have a new concrete floor layed or your room insulated and skimmed give us a call for a free quote.

Check out this video below:

Recent Chimney Repair

Looking to have your chimney repaired. Some of the lead replaced and chimney repointed give us a call.  Contact Us now.

Work done on a recently purchased house

Here are some pictures form a recently purchased property which had a survey but no damp report. Many damp issues and dry rot lurking behind skirting. Walls treated and tanked rendered and skimmed damp issues solved.