Llanelli Plastering Services

Welome to Paul’s Plastering, Llanelli’s leading independent plastering company. Our team specialise in renovating peoples properties. Paul’s Plastering are able to plaster commercial properties as well as domestic houses. We cover a large area of Carmarthenshire and Swansea and strive to maintain a high level of customer service. All of our team are polite, punctual and ensure that the job is left completed on time and to specification.

Types Of Plastering

At Paul’s Plastering we are able to plaster internal and external walls. We can hack off old plaster which is crumbling or damaged. Some jobs involve hacking off old plaster while other walls can be easily skimmed over with new fresh plaster. Llanelli Plasterer Paul’s Plastering – we pride our team on professionalism, attention to detail and craftsmanship for all size of projects. We can do new plaster work, skimming rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, garages etc… We can completely renovate your property and can repair any small minor plastering work.

Renovation work

If you have a property which needs renovation works, we are happy to give you a free quote for any plastering work which you may need. Paul’s Plastering specialise in restoring both commercial and domestic properties.


Paul’s Plastering work with various tradesmen and construction companies assisting in the development in new builds. If you are a construction company or a team of tradesmen looking for a reliable plasterer, feel free to contact our team.


Paul’s Plastering use a stitching technique to repair walls which are splitting or have split / come apart. When walls split and come apart from each other it can be very dangerous as its a potential hazard for the walls to collapse. If you have a wall which has a large split / crack, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you on whether stitching would be the best service to repair your damaged wall.


We are able to offer various external rendering services such as:

Smooth coat ready for painting – known as Stocco

Dashing – we can supply a variety of colours, stone is 6mm in diameter

Alpine finish – this is a textured finish with horizontal lines

Rough cast – this is a wet mix with a rough finish

Renovation Work

During the renovation process,  we can remove any stud walls, insulate the walls, re-board using new plasterboard, skim to finish and install new wall vents to help improve the air flow in the room. Having good air flow in the house will remove mould, black spots, fungus and condensation issues.

Dry Lining & Ceiling Services

Paul’s Plastering Llanelli’s local plasterer can complete any dry lining work you may require. We can remove any old boards which are on the wall and replace them with new boards using a ‘dot and dab’ technique.

To give your home a refreshed look, we can plaster over artex ceilings and tired walls to give you a new look feel in your property.

Wall Tie Replacement

Paul’s Plastering Llanelli Plasterer can replace old wall ties which have corroded due to their age. If you have horizontal cracks in your walls, it might be a sign that your wall ties have corroded. Walls can cave in if the ties are not replaced. We us the latest inspection cameras which can show us if corroded wall ties need replacing. We then replace the wall ties with new anti-rusting ties.

Get A Free Quote

If you would like advice on any rendering, plastering or damp proofing service, please feel free to contact Paul’s Plastering on 07915 057 457 or email We will be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have. 

With over 20 years experience, there’s not much we haven’t seen or done in the plastering and damp proofing world. We are renowned in the area for offering excellent service at affordable prices.

Paul’s Plastering – Stitching Services

Stitching - Pauls Plastering Llanelli

Large vertical crack in wall – this is an indication that there is severe damage behind the rendering.

Pauls Plastering Llanelli Stitching services

Rendering was removed and the full crack has been exposed. This could potentially cause the wall to collapse.

Pauls Plastering Llanelli Stitching Wall Services

Steel rods are used to stitch the split wall which has come apart. The split is backfilled using stainless steel heck bars and resin to fix. This knits and binds the wall back together making it safe and secure for years to come.

Paul’s Plastering – Rendering


Pebble Dashing

Pauls-Plastering-Llanelli-Smooth Stocco Coat

Smooth Coat (Stocco Finish)

Pauls-Plastering-Llanelli-Alpine Finish

Alpine Finish – Textured Horizontal Lines

Paul’s Plastering – Coin Work

Pauls-Plastering-Llanelli-Before Coin Work

Decorative Coin Work – Start Of Project

Pauls-Plastering-Llanelli-During Coin Work

Decorative Coin Work – Sculpturing the render

Pauls-Plastering-Llanelli-Finished Effect Coin Work Llanelli Plasterer

Decorative Coin Work – Finished Result

Paul’s Plastering – Crack Stitching

crack-stitching (6)
crack-stitching (5)
crack-stitching (1)

What is Crack Stitching?

There are a number of structural repairs required on older masonry building structures with cracks in walls being a common defect.  Crack stitching is the masonry repair method that we use to repairing cracked walls in order to reinforce them with high tensile steel crack stitching bars which are grouted across cracks in walls in order to reconnect them and provide stability to the masonry.

How does crack stitching work?

Stainless steel crack stitching bars are inserted into slots that are cut into the wall, usually in the bed joints.  Grout is used to interlock with the bars and chemically bond them into the wall, stitching across the crack to reconnect masonry either side of it thus strengthening the wall and ensuring that more drastic action is not needed.