Pauls Plastering - job 3 April 18

Damproofing In Bury Port By Pauls Plastering April 2018

April 2018 – Damproofing in Bury Port 
Pauls Plastering and Damproofing were working on a property in Burry Port. The customer was experiencing damp in their property. The damp was so bad that the back of the electric box was corroded due to the water penetration. If left in its current state, this could lead to potential fire hazards.
To start with we stripped back the walls to see the damage that was caused. The ground level of the property was breaching the damp course. Tanking was then applied to walls. A render scratch coat with waterproofer was applied to the walls to prevent future damp issues. The walls were then dry lined and skimmed for a smooth finish. 
As we are able to replace electrical fittings, we replaced the corroded back box with a new one. Finally, we fitted new pvc boxing to hide all the pipework. 
If you’re experiencing condensation issues, contact Pauls Plastering and Damproofing on 07915 057457.
Pauls Plastering - job 1 April 18
Pauls Plastering – corroded electric back box.
Pauls Plastering - job 2 April 18
Pauls Plastering – damp through brick showing
Pauls Plastering - job 3 April 18
Pauls Plastering – damp proofer applied
Pauls Plastering - job 4 April 18
Pauls Plastering – scratch coat applied
Pauls Plastering - job 5 April 18
Pauls Plastering – Skimmed over with fresh plaster and new pvc boxing.